New Orleans Weather Forecast

The New Orleans weather forecast is different from year to year but some things remain consistent. If you live in New Orleans, then you know that it has a subtropical climate and mild temperatures throughout the year. The subtropical climate should also be an indication that it rains in New Orleans, Louisiana from a little over two and half inches to as much as more than six and half inches per month. That puts the average rainfall at five inches per month.
NOLA weather

New Orleans Weather Forecast each Season

The mild temperatures are consistent as well with the winter months – December, January, and February having average highs in the low 60′s with the exception of March where the average high is the low 70′s. The average for the New Orleans weather forecast for winter months is mid 40′s to low 50′s.

New Orleans springtime weather
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The springtime brings warmer temperatures in the months of March, April, May having highs in the ranging from the late 70′s into the low 90′s and lows in the late 50′s to the low 70′s.

When summer hits, the New Orleans weather forecast for June, July, and August temperatures reach their peak for the year at low 90′s and the highest low annual temperatures in the low 70′s. These high temperatures coincide with the highest rainfall for a season at 6.2 inches per month. As you move into the fall months – September, October, November. The average high temperature falls from the high 80′s to the mid and low 70′s. The low temperatures range from low 70′s dropping all the way into the high 50′s by October. New Orleans weather also places October as the lowest rainfall average for a month as 2.7 and the highest percentage of sunshine in a month at 72%.

So if you were looking for the best time to visit the New Orleans, Louisiana; then you would want to consider October, May or June for months with the most sunshine. The overall temperatures are pretty good and shouldn’t really be a factor of when to go. As for the rain, it rains every month. October gets the least amount of rain while the summer months have the most around six inches.

As for hurricanes, they occur typically from June 1 into the late November. Just because they call it hurricane season doesn’t mean that hurricanes can’t happen weeks before or after the seasons is over.

The New Orleans weather forecast puts you at advantage in hot months with great hotel discounts. The only high things you will find in these months are the temperature and humidity. Mardi Gras starts in mid January and runs until Ash Wednesday or near the end of February. The specific date changes each year due to Ash Wednesday falling on different dates, so check with this site before making plans.