Dining in New Orleans


Welcome! Let me introduce myself. I am Nola Roux, a New Orleans native and a lover of good food and restaurants. If you know anything about New Orleans, you would know that some of the city’s best cooks are the local people that are its fabric. I grew up with a Dad that could make anything taste like something. My passion for food grew and so did my waistline! In New Orleans, we live to eat and eat to live. If eating is one of your most frequently indulged pleasures, this is definitely the city for you. Only in New Orleans, do people talk about food while they are eating. Some of the best cooks and dishes can be found in the homes of our natives.

Unfortunately, especially if you are visiting our city, you cannot always get the next-door neighbor or the average local to prepare their specialty for you, so you must venture out to one of the city’s hot dining spots to take in the cuisine. That’s where I step in. Uptown, Downtown, Back of Town, follow me as I travel around the city known for its food and atmosphere guiding you in the right direction. You may know some of these spots, others you may not. Keep in mind that a great meal in New Orleans does not always come with a pricey tag or a cloth-covered table; there are bargains to be found. A great experience can be also found between two slices of French bread. Fork in hand, hungry, and ready to go Bon Appetit!

~ NOLA Roux