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City Park New Orleans


In City Park New Orleans you will find yourself in a 1300 acre public park. This is about half the size of New York City’s Central Park and that is one large public space, indeed! The nature and scenery here are tremendously impressive. The park was built in 1853, establishing itself as one of the oldest public parks in America. City Park is located on City Park Avenue, once known as Metairie Road. It lies along what remains of the Metairie Bayou.

New Orleans City Park
City Park New Orleans

 Within City Park New Orleans can boast ownership of the largest collection of live oak trees the world over, some as old as 600 years. If you are looking for more New Orleans travel info beyond the Mardi Gras festivities and the Garden District, take a close look at City Park. It boasts dozens of attractions for the tourist and native alike. If you travel to New Orleans, go to City Park for the Carousel Gardens Amusement Park, especially if you are traveling with kids. This quaint amusement park is over one hundred years old.

Ride the miniature train or the small roller coaster; the children will have a blast! Wooden carousels are difficult to find these days, but City Park has one of the few that remain. It is a carved wooden carousel and unique in its own way.

There is a place called Story Land within City Park; New Orleans loves to entertain children with this fairy tale-themed playground. The twenty-six fairy tale exhibits from recognizable stories that children love are ready to be climbed on and make excellent photo opportunities for you.

Ted Gormley Stadium was built in the 1930s as a public works project and then renovated in 1992 for the Olympic Trials held in New Orleans. It seats 26,500 people and is used for various games and competitions. There’s also another stadium in the park, known as the Pan American Stadium. This stadium is home to the Jesters, a New Orleans soccer team of the highest caliber. Other soccer games and school-level football games are regularly played at the stadium.

New Orleans Museum of Art

Do not miss the thirteen acres given over to create the New Orleans Botanical Garden located in City Park. Here you will find a lush collection of temperate, tropical, and semitropical plants. The New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA) is another do-not-miss attraction here. It is one of the best museums located in the South.

New Orleans Museum of Art

For those who don’t play professional sports but still want to get out there and compete a little, City Park does not disappoint. Take a run on the 400 meter track (which was also used at the “Track and Field” Trials), hit a few balls on a tennis field, take out a boat on a lagoon, fish to your heart’s content in a lake, tour the bayou, or check out the horses in the stables.

If you are a lover of the arts but you also want to be outside instead of inside an art museum, check out the Syndey and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden. View more than thirty works of sculpture in the beautifully landscaped garden built in 2003. Within City Park there are also historic sculptures such as the Peristyle, Pop Bandstand and the Casino Building, all built before 1920. In 1937, the Pop Fountain was built.

City Park New Orleans hosts a calendar of events such as free concerts, plant sales and various fundraising events.

New Orleans Aquarium

Audubon Aquarium

Visiting the New Orleans Aquarium is just one of the many wonderful things to do after walking around in the heat of the French Quarter. In fact, this aquarium, is a destination vacation spot on its own. Especially if you have children traveling with you, do not miss a visit to the Aquarium of the Americas at the foot of Canal Street.

Audubon Aquarium
New Orleans Aquarium

New Orleans Aquarium

Many come to this New Orleans Aquarium just to see the famous white alligator. This is also home to the Energy IMAX Theatre. These places are great to cool off after strolling in New Orleans’ humid weather.

There is a stingray touch tank and a nurse shark touch tank. The kids will love this part of the aquarium – a moment to actually feel the underwater creatures they have seen behind glass and in picture books. And how many people can claim to have actually touched a live shark? This modern New Orleans aquarium is home to more than 15,000 creatures from the sea, some exotic, rare and fascinating.

The aquarium is not limited to life in the Mississippi or the Bayou. Here you can walk through a thirty-foot long Caribbean Reef tunnel and see reef creatures that are normally seen only by divers. If you’ve ever been fascinated by seahorses, there is a Seahorses Gallery where you can watch them swim between the grasses of the water. Visit the Amazon Rainforest exhibit to take a look at anaconda snakes, poisonous frogs and gorgeous exotic birds.

The famous white alligator is an endangered species that you can see at this one-of-a-kind New Orleans aquarium. There were only eighteen of these alligators found in a Louisiana swamp. They are not albino alligators; they have blue eyes that contrast amazingly with their white skin. They are a sight to see. Cajun culture tells us that seeing a white alligator is a good omen. That should be enough incentive to get most people to the aquarium and they will be more than glad they came. Another rare sight to see there are the neon colored frogs! Talk about glowing faces!

You can literally spend all day at this aquarium. One of the best things about it, other than its inhabitants, is its location on the Mississippi river. Any good New Orleans vacation package will include tickets to the Aquarium of the Americas along with all of the other attractions. Just blocks from Jackson Square and the French Quarter, the Aquarium can take up your day or round it out with the other sights and sounds of the city.

Old Custom House

Audubon Insectarium

If insects do not make your skin crawl, make sure you travel across the street to the Audubon Insectarium located in the historic Custom House. One of the city’s newly added tourist attractions, it is not only a favorite of visitors, but also locals alike.

Audubon Zoo New Orleans

Siberian Tiger

Audubon Zoo New Orleans is the number one family attraction. When you visit New Orleans, be sure to put at the top of your list. When you take a look at any New Orleans travel info guide, you will most certainly see the Audubon Zoo listed as one of the main to-do items, especially if you are looking for a family outing while in town. It is known as one of the United States’ best zoos.

Siberian Tiger
Tiger at the Audubon Zoo New Orleans

The Zoo has animals from all over the world, including exotic ones, on its fifty-eight acres of natural living environments. Don’t miss the authentically built habitat exhibits. The Louisiana Swamp makes you feel as though you are truly getting a look at how the animals there live.You will also get a chance to look at the endangered whooping cranes. Other endangered species on view here include Amur leopards, originally from countries in the Far East.

White Alligators

Get a look at the rare white alligators at this amazing zoo. The exceptional white tigers, Rex and Zulu, call the Audubon Zoo their home also. Audubon Zoo claim to fame in the Garden District,is a combination zoo, water park and nature institute. The Cool Zoo is a place to cool off and have fun after touring the zoo. There is something for everyone in your family to appreciate at this tourist attraction. The kids will surely enjoy the Cool Zoo, a splash park where they can get away from the heat of the day and get nice and wet. You will all be smiling going down the Alligator Water Slide, running through the Spider Monkey Soaker and water-spitting snakes! There is a separate area for the toddlers and younger children to splash around, too.

The children and adults will love to take a look at the two Asian elephants housed here, namely Panya and Jean. Watch them swim in their giant pool and entertain onlookers with their presentations. There is also the Audubon’s Dinosaur Adventure to discover.

You are in New Orleans, so why not stroll through a swamp? You can do that at the Audubon Zoo New Orleans style. You’ll find rocking chairs located here and there as you make your way through the swamp area so you can take a moment to relax and take in the view. But don’t fret about feeling you are in the middle of nowhere – there’s an air-conditioned restaurant and you are actually in uptown New Orleans!

Audubon Zoo
Great Blue Heron Hunting at the Audubon Zoo

Monkey Hill

Monkey Hill was designed with the terrain of New Orleans in mind: the city is virtually devoid of hills. Build a 28-foot hill, the builders reasoned, and give New Orleans its highest point in order to show residents what an actual hill is.

Another cool way to view NOLA’s zoo is to take a ride on the Zoo Train. Audubon Zoo New Orleans is fairly large, but if you manage your time and make a plan beforehand, you can see it all in one day of fun.