Louis Armstrong International Airport

Louis Armstrong International Airport is a very busy airport year round. It’s because  New Orleans is such a popular tourist destination, there are many flights to New Orleans scheduled by various airlines. Despite the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina, most people know that the heart has stayed in New Orleans and they want to come and take part in the city’s revival. They know that the music is still there, the French Quarter has survived in all its glory and the food and festivities continue to prevail.

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Louis Armstrong International Airport

There are a couple of great festivals worth traveling to New Orleans for: Mardi Gras, New Orleans Jazz Festival and the French Quarter Festival. In 2011, the city celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival. A must date for literary buffs, this festival is held five days in March and boasts classes by the masters: leading agents, editors and authors. Tennessee had eight residences in his spiritual home of New Orleans.

From walking tours to his favorite hangouts to film screenings by America’s greatest playwright, you will not be disappointed. Feel you have a need to holler “STELLAAAA” You may want to take part in the “Street Car Named Desire” shouting competition that closes the festival each year. Free and open to both natives and visitors alike, this is most definitely a favorite segment. If you can get away for one or any of these fests from February to April, by all means book one of the flights to New Orleans before it is too late. They fill up quickly as this is the peak travel season to the Big Easy.

For Mardi Gras, the fun starts officially on January 6 (known as Twelfth Night or Little Christmas) and lasts until Shrove Tuesday. Get in on the colorful parties and parades. If summer travel is more your thing, do not be alarmed. There are festivals for you also. The Satchmo Fest, celebrating musician Louis Armstrong, New Orleans most popular and beloved native son, is a four-day event during the month of August.

Louis Armstrong International Airport

The most popular flights to New Orleans are those run by Delta, Continental, Southwest and United Airlines. Thousands of flights leave and arrive weekly at Louis Armstrong International Airport, just outside of the city. Once you arrive in New Orleans, you may opt to stay at a hotel near the airport to make your trip more convenient. There are a variety of quality hotels nearby the airport. The closest is the Days Inn which is less than half a mile from the site. Gather up your luggage and you can practically walk to your room, take a nap and be refreshed enough to take part in the festivities that very evening. If you would like to upgrade, the Airport Hilton is also located nearby on Airline Highway.

If you don’t mind being a short distance from the airport and closer to the middle of things near the French Quarter, stay in a lovely hotel in the Garden District. One hotel to consider is the Avenue Plaza Resort, just 11 miles from the airport. Or if you’re in town to see a New Orleans Saints football game, you may want to go 10 miles away and stay 4 blocks from the Superdome at the Holiday Inn New Orleans Downtown Superdome Hotel.

Flights to New Orleans are scheduled often and can be purchased at discounts, deep discounts depending upon the time of year you are traveling. If you purchase a travel package, with hotel and flight included, you may save yourself even more money. Search the hotel packages on the Internet and book your trip in advance. You will get some perks that you cannot get at other times such as a food credit, discounts and added amenities. You won’t have any trouble getting to New Orleans but if you book at the right time, you will have more money to spend doing the things you enjoy the most.



Historic New Orleans Buildings


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Historic New Orleans Buildings

When visiting the area there are more historic church buildings in New Orleans you must not forget. Of course, there is the St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square. It is the oldest continuously active Roman Catholic Cathedral in the United States. It is also the grave site for several bishops and archbishops that have served the city. Most recently,the beloved 98 year old Archbishop Philip Hannan was entombed under the sanctuary. Known as one of the city’s biggest NFL Saint’s Fan, he was truly beloved by not only Roman Catholics of the city, but many people of different faiths.

Old Ursuline Convent

Beneath the Cathedral’s floor, is also the burial site of several clergymen and early residents of the city. Make sure to take a glimpse upward to the ornate ceiling to see photos of several of the clergymen interred in the Cathedral. St. Joseph’s Church on Tulane Avenue boasts the longest aisle in New Orleans. Old Ursuline Convent on Chartres Street is the oldest surviving example of the French colonial period in the United States. Built in 1752, it houses the Archdiocesan archives and is known as the “treasure of the archdiocese.”

On Governor Nichols Street in the historic neighborhood of Treme, just outside of The French Quarter, is the home of St. Augustine’s Catholic Church. After Hurricane Katrina, there was fear that this historical church would be shuttered forever, as was the faith of many of the city’s Catholic churches. Citizens and hurricane recovery workers rallied and it remained opened. Founded in 1841 by free people of color, it is the oldest African-American church in the nation. If you are visiting during The Satchmo Festival, make sure you take the time to attend Sunday Mass. The Jazz Mass is celebrated with a standing-room only crowd. It is a favorite of visitors and locals alike. Also located in Treme on St. Philip Street, is St. Peter Claver Catholic Church. This church has the state’s largest African-American congregation. It is a ray of light to its parishioners, neighborhood, and also the city. As visitors are always welcomed, take time to attend. The gospel choir is one of the best in the city.

Take a visit to the Preservation Resource Center and discover how a Creole cottage and a double gallery Garden District mansion differ. Or take a look at a standard shotgun house and a camelback style. The Preservation Center keeps the historic and unique architectural character of New Orleans’s neighborhoods intact for both its historical purposes and for the artist and historian in us all. The New Orleans buildings are so unique to to other cities in the country. Keep your camera batteries charged and memory cards empty because you have a lot of pictures to take on your visit to New Orleans.


Cafe du Monde New Orleans

Cafe du Monde New Orleans is located on Decatur Street, in the French Quarter across the street from Jackson Square. This exquisite cafe is not to be missed. Order up a cup of coffee. It has a slight flavor of chicory, which makes it such a special treat. Don’t forgo an order of French-style beignets and you will be set for the afternoon. (By the way, a beignet is a French doughnut, literally meaning “fritter”.)

Café du Monde
Cafe du Monde New Orleans

This coffee shop is on any serious tourist’s list of places to go. A café seems like an unusual attraction, but once you step foot inside and have the treats that await, you will known why the Cafe du Monde is a New Orleans tourist attraction. There may be a lot of customers but there is rarely a very long wait because nearly everyone is ordering the same thing: coffee and beignets, a favorite of the New Orleans desserts. The turnover is quick, so a table isn’t too difficult to find. One of the fun things to do at Cafe du Monde is people watch, besides enjoying the delicious fare. People at a table near you will invariably end up having a powdered sugar fight. This is fun to see, as long as you don’t mind getting a little sugar spilled on you in the process!

New Orleans tourist and native staple, is where you can get one of the best café au laits around. If you arrive at 3 a.m. the place will be buzzing with people downing their chicory coffees and beignets, which are loaded with powdered sugar, which you’d better be careful not to inhale. Sugar up the nose is not a pleasant experience! Save it for your taste buds. Some people claim that the chicory in the coffee staves off a hangover.

This famous café is open 364 days a year, 24 hours a day. What is the one day the Cafe du Monde is closed? Why, Christmas Day, of course! The café closed on August 27, 2005 due to Hurricane Katrina. Fortunately, the shop suffered little damage, but it remained closed for two months in order to take advantage of the lack of tourism and to renovate the dining areas and kitchen. When it reopened on October 19th, it received attention from the national media.

Café du Monde
Cafe du Monde

The shop can get very noisy and raucous at times, but this is New Orleans, the party capital of the U.S. Get ready for a powdered sugar fight, bring lots of napkins, and come enjoy the food, coffee and the people watching. Built in 1862, Cafe du Monde New Orleans obligatory tourist stop, is known mainly for their beignets. This French-style doughnut was brought to New Orleans by the people we now call Cajuns. Beignets are fried dough sprinkled generously with powdered sugar. Don’t be surprised when you are served a small glass of water with your beignets; it’s to help wash down all of that sugar. The beignet, by the way, is the state doughnut of Louisiana.

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